Java and WordPress are particularly unique, this is an endeavor to think about and see where they converge one another.


Java is an undertaking Language, what it implies it is utilized to construct endeavor applications, I don’t get our meaning by that?

· An assortment of customers can associate with applications like programs, savvy tablets, B2B applications, .NET and other language applications.

· High Security to help the benchmarks.

· Highly Scalable to help the developing traffic.

· Performance – Begin incorporate time execution is high.

· E.g applications are Gaming, ECommerce sites, Billing, Retail, CRM and huge amounts of others

Java can be utilized to make blogging CMS like WordPress. There are CMS resembles in the open air, Plone, JRoller whodo to endeavor to that, yet none has been capable so prevalent as WordPress.


Specialized CMS/blogging motor expand over PHP.

· It is anything but difficult to learn programming, contrast it with learning MS Word.

· You don’t have to know PHP/programming to be WordPress site engineer.

· It has a subjects idea, which enables a designer to arrange site pages with simple.

· Supports a great many modules, practically simple to locate any sort of usefulness a site needs.

· Installs on Apache Server with PHP motor.

· Many facilitating destinations bolster 1 click introduce.

· Uses MySQL as the backend motor.

As you see, WordPress and Java can’t be looked at as one is where another is a product based on PHP language.

Had WordPress been written in Java

As a Java Developer, I do wish WordPress was based on Java, it would have given

1. Java applications a web style, we would need to see all together new arrangement of uses/gadgets/modules.

2. Fashioners would have not been terrified of the language by any stretch of the imagination.

3. Applications could have utilized the WordPress database, which has a basic pattern.

WordPress And Java Together

Pitch Quercus

Pitch is a Java Application server, however with a turn, it has a Quercus motor which permit PHP applications to introduced as Java applications.

What does this mean, if a WordPress can be introduced on Resin will keep running as a Java application and furthermore exploit libraries like Spring, Hibernate,SOA.

Likewise, will perform route better as it will be arranged just once and not be translated with each demand as it does now

To have this reconciliation working has its very own difficulties however uplifting news is there is a way.


While WordPress has it possess specialty, making CMS sites with blog usefulness, it is the DeFacto Platform.

Be that as it may, with regards to making profoundly versatile venture Applications Java is the DeFacto Platform.

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WordPress is the most straightforward CMS over here, which permits to make your site with no learning of PHP. Makarand could create training site on WordPress with no earlier information of the equivalent, subsequently this post looking at the two.