Clean Beauty Market is Gold Coast’s only beauty salon that used only clean & natural beauty products – everything from skin care, make up, body care to even hair care, eyebrow tintings and more. In addition many of the product used at the salon are also organic, vegan, cruelty-free and made entirely of plants.

Clean Beauty Market offers treatments such as facials, hydromicrodermabrasion, LED therapy, eyebrow, lip & face waxing, eyebrow & eyelash tinting, make up lessons and private functions. Visit Clean Beauty Market’s online store here.


All natural skin treatments

You can rejuvenate your skin with a nourishing facial, LED therapy or an all-natural hydromicrodermabrasion session. For your brows they offer sugar waxing and henna tinting, which also applies to eyelash tinting.

Clean Beauty Market’s all-natural facials use vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to target specific skin concerns. This variety of organic ingredients works to clear congestion and improve lymphatic drainage so you can get the full benefits of a facial without worrying about nasty chemicals.


These all-natural and organic facial treatments are gentle and soothin, whereas conventional facials can often leave skin feeling tight, raw and sensitive.

Clean Facials – Perfect for all skin types

Perfect for all skin types, including highly sensitive, and acne-prone, these tailored and customised treatments really do wonders for all skin concerns. this Mermaid Beach salon also offer a comprehensive skin consultation with every facial, conducted by one of their organic skincare experts.

With Clean Beauty Market facials you can rest assured knowing that only the best organic, clean and natural products are being used on your precious skin!

Clean Beauty Market beauty salon is located at Nobby Beach, Gold Coast and it also accomodates a beautiful natural cosmetics and skin care store where advice is happily given & questions thoroughly answered.